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Conies, Brass, and Easter: Answers to Twenty-One “Problem” Passages in the King James Version

[button title="Download PDF" link="http://faithsaves.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/Conies-Brass-and-Easter.pdf" target="_blank" size="small" background="#cf573e" color="#fff" text_shadow="#8d321f"] CONIES, BRASS and EASTER   ANSWERS TO TWENTY- ONE "PROBLEM" PASSAGES IN THE KING JAMES, AUTHORIZED VERSION Three Areas of Criticism Borrowed and Lent, or Asked and Gave Brass, or Bronze Coat of Many Colours, or Tunic Conies, or Rock Badgers Creature, or Creation Damnation, or Condemnation [...]

The Jesus Only / Oneness Pentecostal Doctrine of God Examined: Is Jesus Christ the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit?

More Resources for Pentecostals and Charismatics More Resources on Evidence for Christianity and Christian Apologetics [button title="Download PDF" link="http://faithsaves.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/Jesus-Only-Doctrine-of-God-Examined-Is-Jesus-Christ-the-Father-Son-and-Holy-Spirit-pdf1.pdf" target="_blank" size="small" background="#cf573e" color="#fff" text_shadow="#8d321f"] The Jesus Only or Oneness Pentecostal Doctrine of God Examined: Is Jesus Christ the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit? Modalism, otherwise known as Sabellianism or Jesus Only Christology, teaches that Jesus Christ is [...]

Review Questions for the Trinitarianism or the Trinity Final Exam

[button title="Download PDF" link="http://faithsaves.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/Review-Questions-for-Trinitarianism-Final-Exam.pdf" target="_blank" size="small" background="#cf573e" color="#fff" text_shadow="#8d321f"] Review Questions for the Trinitarianism/ the Trinity Final Exam 1.) List twelve passages where Trinitarianism is assaulted by the modern critical Greek text, and provide brief justification for the Textus Receptus in these passages.  Provide a more lengthy defense of the text that speaks of the [...]

Theological Compositions–Studies in Biblical Theology

Theological Compositions--Studies in Biblical Theology   Apologetics and False Religions Testimonies Bibliology Theology Proper, Christology, and Pneumatology Anthropology and Hamartiology Soteriology Ecclesiology Eschatology The Christian Family Historical Studies Politics Commentaries Unconventional and New Age Medicine   Biblical Financial Stewardship Miscellaneous   Literary Compositions   Everything in "Theological Compositions" on one webpage