Manuscript Evidence

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Are you Worshipping Jehovah?

Help for People in Many Different Religions More Resources on Evidence for Christianity and Christian Apologetics   View as PDF     Are You Worshipping Jehovah?               Many people today claim to be Christians and claim to love God. They would assume that they worship Jehovah. In fact, a majority of people [...]

Conies, Brass, and Easter: Answers to Twenty-One “Problem” Passages in the King James Version

[button title="Download PDF" link="" target="_blank" size="small" background="#cf573e" color="#fff" text_shadow="#8d321f"] CONIES, BRASS and EASTER   ANSWERS TO TWENTY- ONE "PROBLEM" PASSAGES IN THE KING JAMES, AUTHORIZED VERSION Three Areas of Criticism Borrowed and Lent, or Asked and Gave Brass, or Bronze Coat of Many Colours, or Tunic Conies, or Rock Badgers Creature, or Creation Damnation, or Condemnation [...]

Apologetics and False Religions

Theological Compositions Main Page Apologetics & False Religions Do You Know You Have Eternal Life? My Journey From Unbelief to the Truth: How I Became a Christian  Testimony Tract as a Brochure Bible Study #1: What Is The Bible? Bible Study #2: Who is God? Bible Study #3: What Does God Want From Me? Bible [...]

Studies of Bible Doctrine

Apologetics and False Religions Bibliology Theology Proper, Christology, and Pneumatology Soteriology Ecclesiology Eschatology The Christian Family Historical Studies Politics Commentaries Unconventional Medicine and the New Age Miscellaneous Everything in “Theological Compositions” on one webpage