He Delivered Me from All my Fears, Heather Ross

More testimonies View as PDF     HE DELIVERED ME FROM ALL MY FEARSBy Heather Ross A Preacher’s Kid“Jesus loves me, this I know,For the Bible tells me so . . .”Millions of children in Sunday Schools throughout the world sing the beloved words to this Gospel song and have done so for over one hundred years. I was [...]

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Separated: The Testimony of Jim Appel

More testimonies   View as PDF SEPARATED: The Testimony of Jim Appel Tommy was Lost Although it had only been ten minutes, it actually seemed like an eternity. Tommy was separated from Dad while shopping at the mall. Every stranger was a threat and each noise brought fear of the unknown.  If only [...]

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Biblical and Historical Studies for Roman Catholics

Help for People in Many Different Religions Biblical and Historical Studies for Roman Catholics Biblical Studies Bible Truths for Catholic Friends Do You Know You Have Eternal Life? The Passion of the Christ My Journey From Unbelief to the Truth: How I Became a Christian Heaven Only for the Baptized? The Gospel of Christ [...]