Behind the MRI: Dr. Raymond Damadian

Resources Presenting Evidence that the Bible is God’s Word More Resources on Evidence for Christianity and Christian Apologetics Behind the MRI: The testimony of Dr. Raymond Damadian, inventor of the MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scanner, on how the MRI works, as well as on science, creation, evolution, God, Jesus Christ, and the Bible. Watch or download the [...]

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Thomas Ross: My Background

Thomas D. Ross Mukwonago Baptist Church 1610 Honeywell Road Mukwonago, WI 53149 (262) 363-4197 http://www.mukwonagobaptist.org/ http://faithsaves.net/ BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH: Born into a non-Christian home Born again in October 1995 during freshman year at college shortly before sixteenth birthday (a detailed testimony of conversion is available at http://faithsaves.net/unbelief-truth/), and subsequently baptized into the Faith Baptist Church [...]

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“Reason led me to the Bible; the Bible led me to Christ”: The Testimony of Carl Woodbury

  View as PDF   “Reason Led Me to the Bible; the Bible Led Me to CHRIST” by Carl Woodbury With the prayer that it will be of some encouragement and profit to you who read it, I am going to recount for you my testimony. I preached nine years before I was [...]

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He Delivered Me from All my Fears, Heather Ross

More testimonies View as PDF     HE DELIVERED ME FROM ALL MY FEARSBy Heather Ross A Preacher’s Kid“Jesus loves me, this I know,For the Bible tells me so . . .”Millions of children in Sunday Schools throughout the world sing the beloved words to this Gospel song and have done so for over one hundred years. I was [...]

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