The Most Important Message: The Most Important Problem, Penalty, Provision, and Promise

The Most Important Message explains four things: 1.) The Most Important Problem--your sin, which separates you from God and brings His judgment. 2.) The Most Important Penalty--God's curse and everlasting separation from Him in the lake of fire or hell. 3.) The Most Important Provision--God sent the Lord Jesus Christ to suffer and die [...]

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Scandinavian Defense, Ross Variation

More Miscellaneous Resources The Scandinavian Defense, Marshall/Ross Gambit: An Aggressive Chess Opening (a Reversed Danish Gambit) for Black   The Marshall/Ross Gambit in the Scandinavian Defense is a very aggressive response by Black to 1. e4, offering sharp play similar to that of the Danish Gambit for White, only reversed.  Black receives a very [...]

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Church Directory: A Directory of True Churches

Help for People in Many Different Religions Please use the church directory links below to find a truly Bible-believing and practicing Church in your area.  True churches have the identifying marks listed in Bible Study #7: The Church of Christ here, and further information about what true churches believe and practice is also found here. [...]

A Forgotten Abomination? Menstruation and the Act of Marriage

More Resources on the Christian Family [button title="Download PDF" link="http://faithsaves.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/A-Forgotten-Abomination_.pdf" target="_blank" size="small" background="#cf573e" color="#fff" text_shadow="#8d321f"] A Forgotten Abomination? A Warning for Christian Marriages               Let the reader[1] examine Leviticus chapter 18: 1 And the LORD spake unto Moses, saying, 2 Speak unto the children of Israel, and say unto them, I am the LORD your [...]

The Use of Wine in the Old Testament, Robert Teachout

More Miscellaneous Resources   Download the Book     The Use of “Wine” In the Old Testament, Robert P. Teachout. Th. D. Thesis, Dallas Theological Seminary, May 1979. Ann Arbor, MI: University Microfilms International, 1980. 462 pgs. Dr. Teachout has given me permission to publish his Ph. D. dissertation.  It is a powerful [...]