The Christian Family

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The Christian Family

Children of Obedient Parents Turning Out For God–Certainty or Mere Possibility for the Godly Christian Family?  An Examination of Proverbs 22:6 and Related Texts

Spank Your Child or Spoil Your Child: The Biblical Issue of Spanking, David Sutton

The Biblical Way to Obtain One’s Spouse, Kent Brandenburg, part 1part 2,  part 3,  part 4

The Bible and Divorce

Deuteronomy 22:5 and Gender Distinct Clothing

Gender Distinct Clothing, Separation, and the Gospel, Kent Brandenburg

Isaiah 47 and the Biblical Length of Apparel

Cosmetics in Scripture and History

Birth Control—The Biblical And Historic Protestant Position, Greg L. Price   Note:  While this is a good study overall, publishing it here is by no means an endorsement of Price’s dangerous Steelite Presbyterianism.

A Forgotten Abomination?  Menstruation and the Act of Marriage

Theological Compositions Main Page

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