More Resources on Biblical Financial Stewardship

Amazon is one of the largest companies in the world.  In fact, you are very likely to buy things on their website with some degree of regularity.  Did you know that has a program called “Amazon Smile” that enables you to pay exactly the same price that you would by just going to, but instead going to, and 0.5% of whatever you purchase will go to the charity of your choice?  If you are going to buy something on Amazon anyway, you might as well have 0.5% of your purchase price support a worthy cause.  Indeed, that would fit the command of Galatians 6:10:  “As we have therefore opportunity, let us do good unto all men, especially unto them who are of the household of faith.” However, there is a way to go one better–you can support both a ministry such as Bethel as well as while paying exactly the same price as you would normally at  If you go to Amazon via the link below:

Support Bethel & FaithSaves

Bethel Christian Academy

you will support both your Amazon Smile organization such as Bethel and (While the page opens to the Amazon page for the book Thou Shalt Keep Them, you do not need to buy that book, but can navigate from there to anywhere on Amazon and you will still end up supporting Bethel or whatever other Amazon Smile organization you use and FaithSaves with what you purchase. Also, Bethel Christian Academy gets exactly the same 0.5% whether or not you also help support–there is no decrease in the amount given to BCA for having Amazon give a small bit of their profit to FaithSaves also.)


If you don’t want to support, but only an Amazon Smile organization such as Bethel, you can use the links at the bottom of the page below to sign up for Amazon Smile, and then afterwards just go to


If you don’t want to support an Amazon Smile organization, but only, you can use the link below:


Support FaithSaves


I would encourage you to use the first button above and support Bethel and FaithSaves whenever you shop on, and share the link with others so they can do the same (unless your true church has its own Amazon Smile account–then support your church–which you can still do by making it your Amazon Smile organization and then just clicking through the first link above).  Save this blog post to your bookmarks and click from here into Amazon whenever you are going to buy something from them. (You can also explore other options to get discounts on purchases online here.) Bethel Baptist is working to preach the gospel to every one of the millions of people in the Bay Area while working to see churches established around the world, while Bethel Christian Academy has trained children to serve the Lord since 1950. At we are working to help Bethel expand its video outreach so that college courses, debates, podcasts, etc. can be online, and the video equipment for all of that is expensive, so support would be a blessing, while there are numbers of other expenses associated with running the website and expanding its outreach.  If Amazon is willing to help out by donating a portion of what you purchase, why not do it?  Thank you for your consideration!


Support Bethel & FaithSaves





This post contains affiliate links for as well as links to Bethel Christian Academy’s page for Amazon Smile.