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Christian Holiness or Sanctification: A Summary

More Resources on Soteriology: The Biblical Doctrine of Salvation View as PDF Christian Holiness or Sanctification: A Summary from Eternity Past to the Eternal State Text: John 17:11-19: 11 And now I am no more in the world, but these are in the world, [...]

Wazoo, the Story of a Pig

By Heather Ross To Read:  2 Peter 2:22 Once upon a time lived a young piglet named Wazoo.  Wazoo loved spring!  In spring, the birds returned from their far-off travels.  The wind whispered into the evening, as showers cascaded about the earth.  Rushing torrents of melting snow descended from the hilltops, forming their own [...]

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Not Afraid: A Vignette from the Life of Betty Stam

by Heather Ross December, 1934:  Carolers sing in America’s streets, and colorful Christmas displays beckon from nearly every home. But across the ocean, on a stark Chinese hillside, a 29-year-old woman and her husband face a completely different environment. For them, a sea of upturned Asian faces has replaced holiday decorations, and taunting soldiers [...]

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Christian and Classical Latin College Courses

Other College CoursesView as PDF    Learning Christian and Classical Latin Together:College Course Self-Study Program“Latin is dead, dead, dead as dead can be.  First it killed the Romans, now it’s killing me.”-A person who was alive when he invented this sayingWhile the little rhyme above is popular among those who are unwillingly forced to learn Latin, [...]

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