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Biblical Financial Stewardship

Support and Bethel on!

Tithing and the Christian

Avoid the “strange woman” of Proverbs and work, and you have a 2% or less chance of being below the poverty line in the USA

Matrimony and Money: the married are more wealthy than fornicators and the divorced

God-Honoring and Bible-Based Christian Mutual Funds

Are Your Investments Clean? Get a Complementary Moral Audit of Your Mutual Funds

A Potentially High Interest Investment (and a Way to Pay Down and Eliminate Higher Interest Debt) that Can be Done with Christian Principles—Peer-to-Peer Lending

Roth IRA Calculator

Dow Jones, S & P 500, and NASDAQ (Historical) Rate of Return Calculator

The Investors With The Best Returns Are Dead or Forgot They Had the Accounts: Why?

(Historical) Savings Rate Growth Calculator

Inflation Rate (Historical) Calculator

Get Paid up to $1,000 a Year to Fund Your IRA:  Information on the Saver’s Tax Credit

What is the (historically) worst case scenario for investing in the stock market?

Investment Brokers

Best Deals with Banks

High Interest Savings Accounts with Prepaid Cards

Investing in Precious Metals such as Gold and Silver

Credit Cards, a Biblical Christian View: Part 1, Dangers (includes information on perks, cash back, and other benefits available with debit cards)

Credit Cards, a Biblical Christian View: Part 2, Benefits

Credit Cards, a Biblical Christian View: Part 3, Best Deals

Get Your Free Credit Score

How to Get c. 4% Cash Back on (Almost) All Purchases

Save Money on Internet Purchases

Save Money on Groceries

Save Money by Purchasing Gift Cards at a Discount

Save Money on the Cell Phone Bill (or even Cut it to $0 with Free Cell Phone Service)

Affordable Christian Internet Filtering Companies

Fly to Europe for Free: How You Can Do It!

Supplement Your Income with Mystery Shopping

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