Wazoo, the Story of a Pig

By Heather Ross To Read:  2 Peter 2:22 Once upon a time lived a young piglet named Wazoo.  Wazoo loved spring!  In spring, the birds returned from their far-off travels.  The wind whispered into the evening, as showers cascaded about the earth.  Rushing torrents of melting snow descended from the hilltops, forming their own [...]

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Not Afraid: A Vignette from the Life of Betty Stam

by Heather Ross December, 1934:  Carolers sing in America’s streets, and colorful Christmas displays beckon from nearly every home. But across the ocean, on a stark Chinese hillside, a 29-year-old woman and her husband face a completely different environment. For them, a sea of upturned Asian faces has replaced holiday decorations, and taunting soldiers [...]

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Christian Children’s Stories

 Children's Stories MY REFUGE My Refuge (a brief fictional account of a young man who must find shelter in a biblical city of refuge) The Hand that Wouldn't Move In this short story, a young boy is confronted by the truth of I Corinthians 12:12-26. Wazoo, the Story of a Pig A young girl [...]

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Baptist Children’s Stories: Stories from Baptist History

Baptist Children's Stories This page includes children's stories for use in children's ministries about Baptists of the past. The story of Baptist martyr, George Blaurock (c. 1491-1529) George Blaurock Powerpoint The story of Baptist leader Richard Clearwaters (1900-1996) Richard Clearwaters Powerpoint Richard Clearwaters Word Document (to correspond with Powerpoint) The story of Baptist martyr Selma Maxville [...]

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