The Most Important Message

Do You Know 100% for Sure You Have Eternal Life?More Information About Receiving Eternal Life–Bible StudiesFurther Resources About SalvationMore Help for People of Many Different ReligionsResources On Evidence for Scripture and Christian ApologeticsContact a true Church in your area The Most Important Messsage videos will be available here soon--please check back!  In the meantime, please visit [...]

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The Rise and Progress of Religion in the Soul, Phillip Doddridge

More Information About Receiving Eternal Life–Bible Studies Further Resources About Salvation More Help for People of Many Different Religions Contact a true Church in your area View as PDF THE RISE AND PROGRESS of RELIGION IN THE SOUL ILLUSTRATED IN A COURSE OF SERIOUS AND PRACTICAL ADDRESSES SUITED TO PERSONS Of every Character [...]

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The Argument Against Miracles: Are Miracles Incredible, Without Credible Witnesses, Self-Cancelling, or Unscientific?

More Resources on Evidence for Christianity and Christian Apologetics Resources Presenting Evidence that the Bible is God's Word View as PDF   The Argument Against Miracles The excellent article below is reproduced (by permission) from the Baker Encyclopedia of Christian Apologetics.[1] Miracles, Arguments Against. Most modern thinkers who reject miracles trace their reasoning [...]

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Thomas Ross: My Background

Thomas D. Ross Mukwonago Baptist Church 1610 Honeywell Road Mukwonago, WI 53149 (262) 363-4197 BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH: Born into a non-Christian home Born again in October 1995 during freshman year at college shortly before sixteenth birthday (a detailed testimony of conversion is available at, and subsequently baptized into the Faith Baptist Church [...]

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