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Biblical and Historical Studies for Roman Catholics

Biblical Studies

Bible Truths for Catholic Friends

Do You Know You Have Eternal Life?

The Passion of the Christ

My Journey From Unbelief to the Truth: How I Became a Christian

Heaven Only for the Baptized? The Gospel of Christ vs. Baptismal Regeneration

Once Saved, Always Saved? Eternal Security Examined

Is the Bible the Sole Authority for Christian Faith and Practice?

Where are Catholic Teachings Found in the Bible?

Infant Baptism and the Bible

Does the New Testament Support the Roman Catholic View of Communion in John 6?

Bible Study #1:  What is the Bible? Download PDF

Bible Study #2:  Who is God? Download PDF

Bible Study #3:  What Does God Want From Me?   Download PDF

Bible Study #4:  How Can God Save Sinners?    Download PDF

Bible Study #5:  How Do I Receive the Gospel?   Download PDF

Bible Study #6:  The Christian:  Security in Christ and Assurance of Salvation  Download PDF

Bible Study #7:  The Church of Jesus Christ    Download PDF

Bible Studies #1-7 as one PDF file

Contact a true Church in your area–do these Bible Studies in person with a trained Bible teacher!

Sinners in the Hands of An Angry God – Text  Audio

The Blood of Jesus, William Reid – Text  Audio

All of Grace, C. H. Spurgeon – Text  Audio

The Almost Christian, Matthew Mead – Text    Audio

Is the Word Church (Greek, Ekklesia) in the New Testament a Reference to Something Universal (Catholic), or Only Something Local?

Revelation 17 and Roman Catholicism

Historical Studies

The Trail of Blood:  The History of Christ’s Churches from the First Century until Today, J. Carroll     Church History Chart

History of Baptists, John Christian, vol. 1 (1st-18th Century in England)

History of Baptists, John Christian, vol. 2 (Baptists in America)

Help for People in Many Different Religions