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How to Save Money on Your Cell Phone Bill

(or Even Cut it to $0 with Free Cell Phone Service)


Surveys of cell phone users reveal that, as of 2012, nearly half of all customers spend over $100 a month, while some spend over $200 a month.  Over one in five people spend more on their cell phone than they do on groceries (source)!  The average cell phone bill in 2014 was $73 a month.  Verizon customers paid an average of $148 a month, Sprint customers $144, AT&T $141, and T-Mobile $120 a month. (source).  For the vast majority of customers, it is not necessary to spend nearly that much on a cell phone plan.  Indeed, studies by consumer advocacy organizations such as Consumer Reports demonstrate that the large cell phone companies are generally inferior to smaller ones that often offer better prices and better overall value.

Save Your Money and Your Spiritual Life:

Be Sure You Have Filtered, Accountable, Clean Internet Access On Your Phone (or no Internet at all)


This page is about saving money, and the Bible says that “by means of a whorish woman a man is brought to a piece of bread: and the adulteress will hunt for the precious life” (Proverbs 6:26).  One can experience financial disaster as a result of the trail of sin that all too often begins with Internet pornography.  Even worse by far, there are terrible spiritual and eternal consequences for viewing wickedness on the Internet, both to one’s own soul and in its effects on one’s family.  (The first and absolutely essential step for every person to avoid eternal disaster is the new birth–find out more by clicking here.)  I would not recommend that anyone, adult or child, purchase for personal use a phone without an Internet filter and accountability.  (If one has a work phone that is monitored so that one knows that he will get fired if he looks at pornography, that also works–but that is essentially a form of the accountability that one must also have on his personal phone.)  Certainly no Christian ought to be without such barriers to evil.  Before going any further in this article, determine that you will follow the example of godly David, who said, “I will set no wicked thing before mine eyes: I hate the work of them that turn aside; it shall not cleave to me” (Psalm 101:3).  Do not enter into temptation (Matthew 6:13) by having a massive library of filth available on your phone in a few clicks.  Click here to find out how you can get an affordable Christian Internet filter on your computers and phones and/or free Internet accountability software.  Also, consider the valuable book The Mobile Phone and the Christian Home and Church, available by clicking here.


Save Money With A Totally Free Cell Phone Plan (and Totally Free Internet Service)

FreedomPop is a company that offers totally free talk, text, and data plans with no contracts required.  It utilizes Sprint’s 4G LTE network for its services, so one has coverage wherever Sprint has coverage.  In addition to the totally free plans, they offer very inexpensive plans with more features.  (They also offer free Internet, which I will not discuss further at this time.)  The main reason I mention their company first is, well, you can get a totally free plan.  Will you get the customer service quality of, say, Fidelity Investments, and many bells and whistles for absolutely free?  No, of course not.  Is their free plan for everyone?  Certainly not–I don’t have it personally, and if the free plan is not for you, then you have to consider whether a plan you pay for with them is better than a plan you pay for with a different company.  Freedom Pop has a B  rating with the Better Business Bureau and they are not BBB accredited.  I would be extremely surprised if a company that offers totally free service like this would have an A+ rating, but the fact that they get a B, and not an F, shows that they are not some scam but are a real and legitimate company, even if not a stellar one.  I asked them about the B rating (it is going up–it used to be a C+) and they said that they got it largely because they have had long hold times for customer service agents in the past, but they have been working on that and the wait times have been vastly reduced since they hired extra agents.  They do not appear to just blow off customer service but actually want to improve what they offer.  Does that mean that their customer service personnel will always be top-notch?  No–there are at least some incompetent people in their company, as I have found by personal experience (and as I have found also with other cell phone companies that I have paid a significant monthly bill with in the past).  But, again–they have a cell phone plan that costs exactly $0 a month, which is very attractive.

How does their organization make money?  It makes money when customers opt for a better plan than the free one that, while inexpensive, does cost something.  They claim to offer “top phone services at a fraction of the cost.”  According to their service plans page, they offer:

(a) a free Monthly Plan providing a voice allocation of 200 minutes to landline and mobile phones in the United States, excluding Puerto Rico and other U.S. territories, each month and a text messaging allocation of 500 text messages each month at no cost to you [500 includes both ; and (b) prepaid Monthly Plans providing specified limits of voice minutes and text messages to landline and mobile phones in the United States, excluding Puerto Rico and other U.S. territories, each month. All subscribers of FreedomPop’s Phone Service must choose a plan to activate the Phone Service. The minutes and text messages included in each Monthly Plan for Phone Service do not roll over from month to month and will be lost if not used within that month. . . . Prepaid Monthly Plans are set up as recurring charges. Your subscription will continue to recur until you terminate your Phone Service by using the Support feature on our Site, or by calling FreedomPop at (888) 743-8107.

In addition to the 200 free monthly minutes, one has unlimited free minutes when one is calling another Freedom Pop customer–minutes only count calling those with other cell phone companies.

Freedom Pop’s Unlimited Talk and Text Plan & Premium 1GB data plan costs $19.99 after the initial 30 day trial period expires (you can try them free for 30 days to see if they are a good fit or not–if you don’t like them, you only pay the return shipping costs for a phone.  You can also transfer in your own phone instead of getting one of theirs).  If you are skeptical of them, you might consider trying them out for 30 days for free, or use their company for a backup or emergency family phone or something of the like first, and see if they are a fit for you.  The way they recommend that you get their totally free plan is:  1.) Sign up for the free month of their Unlimited Talk and Text plan, and then 2.) During the free month, call their customer service number (888) 743-8107 and ask to switch to the totally free plan.  Get more information about, or sign up for Freedom Pop by clicking on the banner below:


Save Money with Extremely Inexpensive No Contract Prepaid Cell Phone Plans


While practically all cell phone companies offer prepaid plans that do not require a contract, several smaller companies provide much better prices than their larger competitors.  Republic Wireless offers a cell phone plan that provides unlimited talk and texting anywhere in the USA, and unlimited data wherever there is a WiFi network, for only $15/month (plus taxes, as for all plans, of course).  They also offer other plans with data everywhere for higher prices that are still extremely competitive.  There is no contract with any plan:


For many customers–including the author of this article–the $15/month plan is all that is needed.  My family has had a very positive experience on the cheapest plan.  The chart below explains the way it works:

Republic Wireless Pic

I don’t need the cell data, but if you do, you can get it for comparatively little.   So, instead of spending $100 or more a month on your cell phone, why not pay $15/month and save and invest what you get to keep in companies that do good or other high yield investments?  What is more, many organizations have rated Republic Wireless very highly for the company’s overall value.  I am very happy with the company and recommend it highly.  The company is accredited with the BBB and has an A+ rating.  When calls or data are routed over cell networks instead of over WiFi, they use the T-Mobile network, so you have cell coverage wherever T-Mobile does and WiFi coverage everywhere there is WiFi.  You can check coverage for your area by clicking on the banner below:

Check your cell coverage, for when you don’t have WiFi.

However, Republic Wireless is not for everyone.  Customer service is not available over the phone, only over the Internet.  International calling is also not available (at least right now).  If these are a deal breaker for you, consider companies such as TracFone, StraightTalk, or Net10 examined below.  However, paying $10 a month for unlimited talk and text, instead of some vastly larger amount with a different company, may well make it worthwhile for many consumers to get customer service over the Internet instead of over the phone and who do not need international calling.  The company offers a 30 day money back guarantee, so if you try Republic out and do not like the company, all you pay for is the initial shipping cost for your phone.  See if Republic Wireless is for you by clicking on the link below:


Is Republic right for me? Smartphone plans starting as low as $5 per month.

Or use this banner to get more information or sign up with Republic Wireless:


Other prepaid companies worth investigating include the TracFone, StraightTalk, and Net10.  Tracfone is a BBB accredited business with an A- rating; StraightTalk is also BBB accredited and it received an A+ rating; Net10 is not BBB accredited and I could not get a rating for their company.  The TracFone company does not charge customers a monthly bill; customers purchase minutes that can last for up to an entire year, and if used properly, can save customers a significant amount of money when compared to companies such as Verizon or Sprint.  Trafone’s motto is “do everything for less.”  However, while they can save many customers money, they are not known for having excellent customer support.  StraightTalk advertises that they offer the “same phones, same networks, [but] up to half the cost.”  Their cheapest plan is $30 a month and includes 1500 minutes of talk time (plenty for a normal person) and 100MB of data.  They have more expensive plans as well, of course.  Just like with the TracFone, one can probably save money over some other carriers, but their customer service may not be the best.  Net10 has a number of inexpensive plans, although their customer service has not been rated the greatest.  They also have an unlimited talk and text international plan for only $60 for customers that call outside of the USA frequently.   TracFone also has a reasonable global calling plan, and Straightalk has one also.  At this time Republic Wireless phones cannot call internationally; customers who need to call internationally will need an alternative option.  Nevertheless, TracFone, StraightTalk, and Net10 are definitely all more expensive than Republic Wireless.  Nevertheless, any of these companies could very well be a far better deal for you and save you hundreds and hundreds of dollars over time in comparison to providers like Verizon or AT & T.

You can sign up with TracFone or get more information about them by clicking on the banner below:

You can sign up for Straight Talk or get more information about them by clicking on the banner below:

You can sign up for Net10 or get more information about them by clicking on the banner below:

Note that with any phone that accesses data over the Internet rather than over cell networks, the cautions about public WiFi here should be taken into consideration.

Save Money with the Best No Contract Traditional Cell Phone Plans


Even when one opts for a more traditional plan that is billed at the end of each month there are better options than the major carriers.  Both Ting and Consumer Cellular offer a great overall value.  Consumer Reports rates both companies extremely highly (see here and here), and other consumer organizations have great things to say about both companies.  Consumer Cellular is also known for having superb customer service for a good price.  Ting’s pricing is very good, as is Consumer Cellular’s.  They are both almost certainly a better deal than the major and more well-known carriers for costumers that want a traditional cell phone plan.  Ting is not BBB accredited but it received an A+ rating, while Consumer Cellular is BBB accredited and also receives an A+ rating.

In summary, many, many people are paying too much each month for cellular service.  If you are one of them, you can become a better steward of the financial resources God has given you by switching to a cheaper plan that still meets your needs.  You may also be able to get a discount on phones and plans purchased with one or more of these companies over the Internet–find out how here.

There is a pro-life cell phone company called Charity Mobile.  I do not know much about them, but it is great that they are pro-life.  I cannot find any information abut them at all with the BBB and only scanty information elsewhere.  You can find out more about their company by clicking here or examining the review in the Catholic Business Journal.  (Note that while being pro-life is very, very good, Catholicism is not Biblical Christianity; find out more on this topic here.)

Finally, you can block many unwanted marketing calls by clicking here to put your number on the national Do Not Call list.  You can also sign up with Nomorobo here to block RoboCalls if you have certain types of phone service.

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Note:  I have affiliate links with Freedom POP, Republic Wireless, Straight Talk, TracFone, and Net10. If you use the buttons on this webpage, I will receive financial compensation for helping you to save money.  I can in good conscience say that there is nothing on this website that I would not have said were I not an affiliate of the companies (as I actually wrote the vast majority of the material in my reviews above before I received affiliate status), and I believe that it is appropriate that we both benefit from the information I have put together for your betterment (1 Timothy 5:18).  However, if you are bothered by the fact that I will be compensated if you use these buttons to sign up, you can sign up on the webpage of either or both companies without clicking on these buttons, and I will get nothing.  If you choose to use the buttons on this webpage, I offer you my sincere thanks.