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The Doctrine of the Church

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A Word Study Demonstrating the Meaning of the Word Church, Ekklesia (Ecclesia), and consequently the Nature of the Church as a Local Assembly only, not a Universal, Invisible Entity

Ecclesia–The Church, B. H. Carroll

The Great Commission in Scripture and History

How To Lead an Evangelistic Bible Study: A Video Series for a Seven Part Evangelistic Bible Study

Answering David Cloud on the Church, Kent Brandenburg, part 1   part 2   part 3   part 4

Infant Baptism and the Bible

Mark 7:4 and the “washing [baptidzo] of tables”;  Baptism is still Immersion in Mark 7, part 1   part 2

A Brief Proof of the Invalidity of all non-Baptist Baptism

Heaven Only For the Baptized? The Gospel of Christ vs. Pardon Through Baptism   Kindle Version

The Douglas Jacoby – Thomas Ross Debate on Baptism and Salvation

The Lord’s Supper:  Close, Closed, or In-Between?

Does the New Testament Support the Roman Catholic View of Communion in John 6?

A Video Presentation on Baptist Confessions of Faith and the Preservation of Scripture

Revelation 17 and Roman Catholicism

Thoughts On the Bride of Christ

The Biblical Mandate for House to House Evangelism

Hyles-Anderson College and First Baptist Church of Hammond: Do They Now Please God?

The Dangers of the Invitation System, Jim Ehrhard Note: The SBC and Calvinism are unscriptural and posting this article is no endorsement of either.

The Invitation System, Iain Murray Note:  While this composition is valuable, Murray’s Reformed doctrine that regeneration precedes faith is a serious error.  While conversion is indisputably miraculous and impossible apart from God’s grace, Divinely enabled repentance and faith logically precede regeneration.

Images and Pictures of Jesus Christ Forbidden by Scripture  More on this Topic

Inappropriate Use of the Cross of Christ, Malcolm Watts

Evangelizing Biblically: Spiritual Warfare and the Skilled Use of the Sword, Kent Brandenburg

Concern Over God’s Glory in Evangelism: The Necessity and Sufficiency of Biblical Evangelistic Methods, Kent Brandenburg

Should We Use Good Things To Attract Unbelievers For Evangelism? Kent Brandenburg, part 1  part 2

Bribery and Pandering: Ties that Bind Modern Church Growth (that neither Jesus nor the Apostles used), Kent Brandenburg, part 1   part 2

How Does Levi’s Feast for Jesus Apply to Evangelistic Methodology? Kent Brandenburg

Southern Baptist Evangelism and Unregenerate Evangelicals

The Vicissitudes of Victory, Buddy Smith

Genesis 2:1-3 and the Decalogue:  Proof that a Saturday Sabbath is Required of the Church in the New Testament?

Genesis 2:1-3, the Ten Commandments, and Saturday or Sunday Sabbatarianism:  Exegetical and Theological Thoughts

Acts 20:7 and worship on the Lord’s Day

1 Corinthians 16:2 and Church on the Lord’s Day

Colossians 2:16-17 and the Sabbath

Hebrews 4 and the Sabbath

Images of the Church in 1 Clement

Reverence and Solemnity:  Essential Aspects of Biblical Worship

Worship in the Melting Pot, by Peter Masters, part 1   part 2   part 3   part 4   part 5   part 6

The Nature and Beauty of Gospel Worship, John Owen

Why Sing the Psalms?

What are “psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs”?

Download and Sing the Scottish Psalter  Here also

Download the 1650 Psalter / Comprehensive Psalter App with Tunes for Apple Devices   For Android Devices

Download and Sing the Genevan Psalter–Text, Tunes, and Audio Files

Purchase Psalm-singing Resources (Note: other material on this website is not recommended, and while 95% of the psalm-singing is Biblical, conservative music, a small minority is not.)

Listen to All the Tunes in Three Conservative Psalters

Listen or Download the Large Majority of the Psalter Sung

Listen to or Download the Entire 1650 Psalter Sung

More Psalm Singing for Download or Listening here   Here also

Free Psalm Singing For Many Apps

Download or Listen to Handel’s Messiah   Here also

Download Free God-Honoring Hymns

Purchase the Trinity Hymnal, Baptist edition

Listen to the Tunes in the Trinity Hymnal, Baptist edition   Also here

Our Own Hymnbook: A Collection of Psalms and Hymns for public, social, and private worship, C. H. Spurgeon

New Baptist Psalmist and Tune Book: For Churches and Sunday Schools, J. R. Graves

Village Hymns for Social Worship, Asahel Nettleton  also here

Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs of Isaac Watts

The Law of A Sound Mind, by Peter Masters—A Demonstration of the Centrality of the Rational in Biblical Worship and Christian Service

The Feminization of Christian Music, David Cloud

Warning Against Vocal Slidings, Garlock & Cloud

What Kind Of Music Should Be Used in Church? Kent Brandenburg

How Evangelicalism and Fundamentalism Are Teeming with Ecstatic and Demonic Influence, Kent Brandenburg

Why “Blended Worship”?  Kent Brandenburg

Music for Good or Evil, David Cloud (10 part E-video series)

Baptist Music Wars, David Cloud (book & 2 videos)

Music Education Ministries

The Biblical Philosophy of Music & the Essential Theory of Rhythm, Pastor Graham West of Music Education Ministries

Rock & Roll’s War Against God, David Cloud

Qualifications of the Pastor

The Devil’s Mission of Amusement: The Church’s Task—Entertainment or Evangelization? by Archibald Brown

Questions for Members of Reformed Denominations

When I Left Fundamentalism (for consistent Baptist separatism), Kent Brandenburg, part 1  part 2  part 3  part 4  part 5  part 6  part 7  part 8  part 9  part 10  Reviewing Why I Can’t Be a Fundamentalist

Unaffiliated Baptist Churches: An Analysis of the Emphasis, Kent Brandenburg, part 1   part 2   part 3   part 4

The Trail of Blood:  The History of Christ’s Churches from the First Century until Today, J. Carroll     Church History Chart

Famous Quotations by Non-Baptist Historians Affirming Baptist Succession (Hosius; Ypeij & Dermount; Ridpath; Mosheim; Barclay; Campbell)

History of Baptists, John Christian, vol. 1 (1st-18th Century in England)  PDF of vol. 1

History of Baptists, John Christian, vol. 2 (Baptists in America)  PDF of vol. 2

The Falsehood of the English Separatist Theory of Baptist Origins, Kent Brandenburg

The Reformers and Their Stepchildren, Leonard Verduin

Sacrament and Ordinance:  Aren’t they the same?  Jonathan Pratt

Nine Lines of Argument in Favor of the Regulative Principle of Worship, T. David Gordon

The Regulative Principle of the Church, Sam Waldron

Biblical Authority and the Proof of the Regulative Principle of Worship, John A. Delivuk

Warning: Delivuk is a Presbyterian who believes, incorrectly, that the Regulative Principle requires exclusive Psalmody and the elimination of instrumental music in the church, while he believes it also allows for paedobaptism.  He is wrong in all of these conclusions, but his article is still valuable as a general defense of the Regulative Principle.

Infant Baptism and the Regulative Principle of Worship, Fred Malone Warning: While this is a fine article and general study in ecclesiology, Malone would have done well to employ the Biblical term “ordinance” rather than the word “sacrament” for baptism and the Lord’s Supper.

A Careful Baptist Statement of the Regulative Principle of Worship and its Practical Outworking Note: The fact that this is a well-written statement does not constitute an endorsement of Calvinism or of any type of church other than an unaffiliated and separatist Baptist congregation.

The True Meaning of Easter, Greg Wilson Note: While Wilson makes good points, neither his TULIP theology nor his Wednesday crucifixion view (cf. Luke 24:21) are Scriptural.

Should a Christian celebrate Christmas? by Biblical Discernment Ministries (Note:  While the article linked here is valuable, Alexander Hislop’s The Two Babylons, one of the sources in its bibliography, contains certain factual errors, and not every historical derivation of Christmas customs is entirely certain.)

The Regulative Principle of Worship and Christmas, Brian Schwertley Warning:  Schwertley is a Presbyterian who is for exclusive psalmody and against instrumental music, positions not mandated in Scripture.  Also, the Lord’s Day is not the Christian Sabbath, contra Schwertley.  Furthermore, churches have the liberty to meet on any day of the year and to preach on any Biblical topic on any day of the year, so they can preach on the incarnation on December 25.  With these important caveats, Schwertley’s article makes many points well worthy of consideration.

The Encyclopaedia Britannica on Christmas and Epiphany

The Christmas Tree:  Should it be in the Christian church or home?

Christmas Carols that Lie

Should A Church Display the American Flag in its Auditorium?

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