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Evangelism Video:  How to Proclaim the Gospel and do Biblical Soulwinning

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This evangelism video is designed to help members of Bible-believing and practicing Baptist churches proclaim the gospel in a Biblical and careful way to the lost.  It is designed for use in conjunction with the written explanation of how to evangelize or proclaim the gospel here.  Of course, every evangelistic encounter is different, and consequently, just like the Lord Jesus and the Apostles employed different passages of Scripture and different approaches when preaching the gospel to different groups of sinners, we recognize that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to evangelizing the lost, including this video; take what is useful from it but don’t make it your final authority for faith and practice.   Nevertheless, it is useful to have a basic presentation from which one can deviate as necessary.  The evangelistic example in this video is especially designed for reaching the typical “good person” who, without much Biblical knowledge, is relying upon his own goodness to earn salvation.

People who watch the evangelism video may have a variety of questions about materials mentioned and the methodology employed.  The links below deal with the following questions. Click on the question to be directed to the answer.

Audio files of teaching on Biblical evangelism:

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More Resources on Soteriology: The Biblical Doctrine of Salvation