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The Biblical Doctrines of Inspiration and Preservation: A Video

The video below reviews the Biblical teaching on the inspiration of Scripture and its preservation, namely, that the Bible’s very words, and all of its words, are inspired, and that those very words, and all of those words, are perfectly and providentially preserved (that is, verbal, plenary inspiration and verbal, plenary preservation) in the Hebrew Masoretic Text and the Greek Textus Receptus (Received Text) that underlies the Authorized or King James Version of the Bible.  For more information on the content of this video, please see the resources A Declaration of My Own Position on the Inspiration and Preservation of Holy Scripture, Is the modern Critical Text of the New Testament inerrant, like the Textus Receptus is Inerrant?, Texts Where the Deity of Christ is Attacked or Denied in Modern Bible Versions because of Corruptions in the Greek Critical Text, with a Brief Defense of the Textus Receptus in These Passages, The Canonicity of the Received Bible Established From Baptist Confessions, Are Accurate Copies and Translations of Scripture Inspired? A Study of 2 Timothy 3:16, The Debate over the Inspiration of the Hebrew Vowel Points, Evidences for the Inspiration of the Hebrew Vowel Points, Preservation Passages Exposited, Kent Brandenburg, Thomas Strouse, & Thomas Ross: Psalm 12:6-7, Psalm 12:6-7 (#2)  Isaiah 59:21 Matthew 4:4 Revelation 22:18-19 “It Is Written”, and the many other resources on the inspiration and preservation of Scripture at the Bibliology section on this website.  This video presents, in part, the Biblical case for being King James Only and rejecting the critical Greek texts of Westcott and Hort or Nestle and Aland and the modern Bible versions based upon them, as well as the so-called “Majority Text” of Hodges-Farstad or Robinson-Pierpont where they differ from the Textus Receptus.  The video below does not specifically discuss the evidence for Scripture; for that question, please note the discussion in the Apologetics section or the page Is the Bible God’s Word? Yes!

Also, please consider watching the follow-up to this video here on Baptist confessions and the preservation of Scripture.


If you agree that the content of this video is Biblical, I would encourage you to carefully read the confession of faith on the inspiration and preservation of Scripture associated wtih it and subscribe to it here.  You can comment on this video here.

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More Resources on Bibliology, the Doctrine of Scripture