For Ladies and Children


This section of is devoted to ladies and children and written by Heather Ross.  Various materials for women’s Bible studies, Sunday school, children’s ministry, education, and other areas of ministry will be contained in this section.

Baptist History:  Children’s Stories for Powerpoint

Children’s Stories

Bible Lessons for Children

Devotionals for Women

Booklets for Women

Booklets for Teens

Bible Women

Godly Women of the Past

Lessons from the Psalms (Outline form)


Dramas:  Plays for Churches

Readers’ Theaters for Ministry

Choric Speaking for Ministry

Puppet Scripts

Christian Education

Education:  Black History

Education:  American History Lectures / Lessons  (c. 1620-1776)

Education:  American History Lectures / Lessons (c. 1776-1820)

Education:  American History Lectures / Lessons (c. 1820-present)

Education:  World History (Early)

Education:  World History (Middle)

Education: World History (Modern)

Education:  Geography (Eurasia)

Education:  Geography (The Americas)

Education:  Philosophy

Piano:  Hymn-playing and Improvisation