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No Trump: Just Say No to Donald Trump for President of the United States

No Trump


Just about everyone should say “no Trump”! for President of the United States.

Christians, Conservatives and Republicans Should Say “No Trump”!

Conservatives, Republicans, and all lovers of the Bible, of the Triune Jehovah, of the Lord Jesus Christ, and of the Constitution should say “No Trump!”  There are very good reasons why so many conservatives are uniting to oppose him.

Donald Trump has been very pro-abortion: “I’m very pro-choice” (source).  “I’ve had many women, I’ve had many Republican, conservative women come up and say Planned Parenthood serves a good function” (source).  He now claims to be “pro-life,” but he has to in order to win the Republican primary, and his claim is highly dubious (source).  He still says the Republican Party should “absolutely” water down its pro-life stance (source). Say “No Trump”!

Donald Trump supports special rights for sodomites.  He would subordinate religious freedom to the desire of gays to have nobody disagree with their lascivious practices.  He is indisputably the most pro-sodomy Republican candidate (source).  He thinks lascivious men who are sick enough to pretend that they are women should be able to enter and use the women’s restroom next to little girls, being alone with them in the restroom (source). Say “No Trump!”

Donald Trump would consolidate liberal judicial tyranny on the Supreme Court. While the United States professes to be a republic, practically all the most important decisions are made by the super-legislature on the Supreme Court–we are really ruled by nine lawyers who are our life-long tyrants.  Donald Trump cannot be trusted to avoid appointing liberals to the Supreme Court who would enhance our judicial despotism and destroy any fidelity to the Constitution that is left.  He has criticized jurists who love the Constitution such as Antonin Scalia.  The only person he has specifically mentioned as someone who would be a great Supreme Court justice is an extreme liberal.  He would be awful with Supreme Court nominees.  In fact, he understands so little about the Supreme Court that he has stated that judges sign bills!  (source; source; source).  Say “No Trump!”

Donald Trump has opposed economic freedom and free markets, instead supporting not only socialism, but partial communism.  He had advocated a so-called “wealth tax” that would steal 14.25% of the possessions–no, not the income, but simply the possessions–of those whom he thinks have enough money to be stolen from (source).  Biblically, anything over a 10% income tax is stealing on the part of the government (see here).  Stealing over 14% of some people’s possessions is something even Bernie Sanders has not proposed–Trump’s proposal is to the left of the socialist Sanders.  It is simply a light form of communism.  Say “No Trump”!

Donald Trump wants the government to take over health care.  He is to the left of Hillary Clinton on this, vying with the socialist Bernie Sanders.  He has said total government control of health care has worked “incredibly well” in other countries.  Some of what he has advocated makes ObamaCare seem like strong conservatism, although he has flip-flopped on what he thinks should be done on health care as on many other issues, sometimes saying he is against what at other times he says he is for (source; source).  Say “No Trump!”

Donald Trump opposes the First Amendment and religious liberty protected by our Constitution.  He has proposed forcing Muslim citizens to carry a special ID card and registering in a special database, comparable to what Jews had to do in Nazi Germany (source).  If you are a Muslim citizen, he has said he would not allow you to return to the country if you ever left (before backpedalling a bit).  But can you trust what he says?  Of course not (source).  Who knows what he would really do?  Perhaps he would not stop at Muslims–perhaps you would be next.  He has also stated he would destroy freedom of speech (source).  Say “No Trump!”

Donald Trump will take away your private property if it will help him (or the government) make money.  He thinks it is a positive good for the government or private individuals to use force to take the property of others in what is called “eminent domain” (source).  Say “No Trump!”

Donald Trump believes innocent people should be killed if they have bad relatives.  You have a relative who becomes a terrorist.  Did you support it?  No.  Did you know about it?  No.  Could you stop him?  No.  Were you horrified?  Yes.  Trump has said he would be open to killing you anyway–killing you, your helpless children, and your other relatives  (source).  Say “No Trump!” 

Donald Trump will torture people when he thinks they deserve it.  I suppose you can just hope you are not one of those people (source).  Say “No Trump!”

Donald Trump cannot be trusted on immigration (or, for that matter, on just about anything else).  He has supported amnesty for illegal immigrants; now he says he opposes it (source).  Who knows what he actually thinks?  Say “No Trump!”

Donald Trump hates God and is by no means a Christian.  He has said:  “Why do I have to repent or ask for forgiveness, if I am not making mistakes?” (source).  He does not even know the names of the books of the Bible, much less their contents, and does not know the difference between taking communion and taking an offering (source).  He is a habitual liar (Revelation 21:8).  He is extremely proud, which God hates (Proverbs 616:19). His filthy mouth reflects his filthy heart and is an utter disgrace (source).  Say “No Trump!”

Donald Trump is crazy and proposes pie-in-the-sky impossible nonsense.  He will not only build a border wall (a reasonable idea), but will make Mexico pay for it (crazy).  He would plunder the oil of Middle Eastern countries, including allies (crazy).  Somehow he would do this without entering into war with all of them.  He will balance the budget without touching the two-thirds of it that deals with entitlements like Social Security and Medicare or doing anything else to make the  math work (impossible).  His foreign policy is:  “No one is going to touch us, because I’m so unpredictable” (crazy).  Do you want this guy who boasts about being a loose cannon in charge of our nuclear weapons?  Then again, he will expand the use of marijuana, so perhaps if everyone is high on pot nobody will notice and people will feel good right until the moment they are blown up (source; source; source; source).  Say “no Trump!”

Libertarians, Independents, Liberals, Democrats, and Everyone Else Should Say “No Trump”!

Trump’s positions on issues make him like a cameleon.


Thus, whatever your political position, you can probably find Donald Trump say something at some point that you like, before he says the opposite (and possibly throws in some filthy language if you point out his contradictions).  However, his mix of advocating torture and killing innocent people, promising things that are as impossible as that we will all live to be 150 years old if he becomes president while hundred-dollar bills will rain down from the sky, advocating tyranny, and possibly having us all dead in a nuclear war because of his being “so unpredicatable,” make it so that everyone should unite in agreeing:  “No Trump!”

There is only one exception to those who should say “No Trump!”  And that is the only person who we are sure, truly sure, Donald Trump is for–himself.

Note: The article above was composed during the Republican primary.  Trump is not only a would-be tyrant, but Hillary Clinton is a corrupt would-be tyrant as well.  Hillary, nevertheless, will almost surely clobber Trump in the general election.  Thus, I do not think that the election will even be close, so I am planning to vote Constitution Party for President and for all the down-ballot Republicans in my state.  If Trump actually had a serious chance of winning, I would have to make the difficult decision about whether he is worse than Clinton or not.  At this point, because Trump is the nominee, it is close to certain that Clinton will win the presidency in a landslide and that the Senate will also return to Democrat control.  The only thing conservatives can reasonably hope for is to hold the House of Representatives, and so they must turn out in force for down-ballot Republicans and not allow them to be destroyed along with Trump’s likely landslide loss, so that they can prevent leftist legislation from passing until, in 2020, they have a reasonable chance of retaking the Presidency and the Senate if they nominate an electable and sane conservative instead of someone as wicked, unhinged, and awful as Trump.  It is also essential to pray (1 Timothy 2:1-4), because the wicked men and women of the United States will not otherwise elect righteous rulers, but will continue to choose as leaders ungodly and anti-liberty tyrants like Clinton and Trump.  In order to get me to vote for Trump, if the election is close in my state, I would expect him to do the following as a minimum:

1.) Unequivocally renounce the murder of innocent civilians who happen to have relatives that are bad people.

2.) Unequivocally renounce torture.
3.) Unequivocally make it clear that he will not be an Imperial President but will perform the acts of an executive instead of legislating like Obama has done and like Trump has stated on various occasions that he would do as well, but more.
4.) Unequivocally renounce his wealth tax policy as not just an idea that is not good for right now but as a terrible idea, so that he is no longer on the record in favor of communism-lite and a policy that is to the left of Bernie Sanders.
5.) Get a very conservative vice president and surround himself with competent people so that he does not sound like an ignorant buffoon whenever one scratches below “Build the wall, rah!”
6.) Release his tax returns so that we find out whether he stopped contributing to Planned Parenthood and who knows what else in 2016, 2015, 2014, etc. At this point, as far as we know, Trump could have contributed to the American wing of the Muslim brotherhood. He is not releasing his tax returns because he has a lot to hide in them.
7.) Tell lies less often than Hillary Clinton instead of more often.
8.) Renounce crackpot conspiracy theories about Bush, etc. that even Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton do not support.
9.) Stop saying on the one hand that he is very noninterventionist in his foreign-policy, so much so that he would drop NATO which would essentially allow Eastern Europe to return underneath the Iron Curtain, while on the other hand saying that he would invade Middle East nations to take over their oil fields while refusing to rule out dropping a nuclear bomb on European allies.

I do not think that the above list is too much to ask for someone who will decide whether or not we will enter a nuclear war.  For the sake of the possibility that Trump might appoint someone who is not a tyrant to the Supreme Court, I would be willing to live with his horrible anti-free-trade policies that would shrink the economy more than Bernie Sanders’s proposals, but I would need to see change on the positions above.

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