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Biblical Politics

The Role of Government–Has God Spoken? the Bible on Abortion, Sexual Purity, and Economics 

Pictures Of Children Murdered By Abortion (warning–these pictures are horrifying)

Women’s Health Centers in the USA that provide Healthcare instead of Murdering Babies

Does the Birth Control Pill Cause Abortions? Randy Alcorn

God and Government;  Notes on the Bible and Politics: 1 Samuel 8 and other Passages Examined on Economics, Abortion, Sodomy, and other Issues

Should Homosexuals be Put to Death by the Government?

The Top Ten Myths About Homosexuality, Peter Sprigg

I am a Pigeon: A Manifesto for Marriage Equality, Animal, Gay, Lesbian & Transgender Rights

Mandatory / Compulsory Vaccination: Stop It Only One Way

Lectures on Christian Economic Theory (note–other material on this website cannot be unconditionally recommended)

Money, Freedom, and the Bible, John Robbins (note–other material on this website cannot be unconditionally recommended)

What Does Government Spending Cost You?

Almost Everything You Have Heard About Income Inequality in the USA is Wrong, John Goodman

Do Jewish International Bankers Control the World? by Joel Anderson

Islam in America: Violent and Bloodthirsty, or Peaceful?

The Religion of Peace? Islam and Violence  (note: non-Christian source)

The Christian and Labor Unions, William Kermott

The Myth of the Productivity-Pay Gap

The Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation

Legal and Academic “Equality” Nonsense: Do Disproportionate Outcomes Indicate Discrimination? by Walter Williams

The Fallacy of “White Privilege,” by Dennis Prager

The Danger of the “Black Lives Matter” Movement, Heather MacDonald

Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (going to a secular college rather than a Biblical and Christian one is extremely dangerous, but if one is determined to do this very dangerous thing, the FIRE organization provides ratings that illustrate how likely Biblical speech or anything that dissents from socialist radicalism is probably going to be tolerated.  The guide here also provides helpful information.)

Useful Sources for News

Fundamental Baptist Information Service, by David Cloud.  Useful daily articles on the modern religious scene and on Biblical theological topics.  Most articles are not about politics.  About 99% of them are Scriptural, accurate, and reliable. (Subscribe to this newsletter on the webpage here.)

Washington Update, by Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council. (Subscribe to this newsletter on the webpage here.)  A useful daily news source with valuable and reliable information, although it defines “Christian” in a very broad way that would include any religious organization that claims the term, even those with terrible false gospels.  (See a Biblical analysis of various false “Christian” gospels by clicking here.)

The Federalist  A useful news source from a conservative, constitutionalist perspective.

There are many other valuable sources of news and information.  I wish I could, for example, recommend the Patriot Post, for it has reliable, quality news articles.  However, it will occasionally print h-ll and d–n as curse words and take God’s holy name in vain.  The National Review also has good articles, but with even more frequency it will do the same wicked thing.  There are also news sources such as WorldNetDaily that should not be recommended because of their sensationalism, salesmanship, and too-often inaccurate content.

Theological Compositions Main Page