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The Doctrine of Salvation

The Most Important Message

Repentance Defended Against Antinomian Heresy: A Brief Defense of the Indubitable Biblical Fact and Historic Baptist Doctrine that Repentance is a Change of Mind that Always Results in a Change of Action

Prepare for Judgment

The Coming Plagues

The Blood of Jesus, William Reid   Audio

All of Grace, Charles H. Spurgeon   Audio

The Almost Christian, Matthew Mead   Audio

The Rise and Progress of Religion in the Soul, Philip Doddgridge

The Doctrine of Justification, James Buchanan

Christ our High Priest, Bearing the Iniquity of our Holy Things, Horatius Bonar

Today’s Apostasy: How Decisionism is Destroying our Churches, by R. L. Hymers & Christopher Cagan

Will I be Saved if I Ask Jesus Christ into my Heart or Repeat the “Sinner’s Prayer”?

The Other Jesus: Justification by Faith vs. Asking Jesus into one’s Heart, by Ovid Need

Romans 10:9-14: The Sinner’s Prayer for Salvation?

Evangelism Video: An Example of How to Proclaim the Gospel

How to Proclaim the Gospel:  A Guide to Personal Soulwinning

Evangelizing Biblically (Mp3 files, Thomas Ross), part 1   part 2   part 3   part 4   part 5   part 6   Handouts for series on evangelizing Biblically # 1

#2  #3   #4   #5   Pamphlets for false religions    Evangelistic Bible Studies    Bible Studies as a Word doc    Foreign language resources    The Biblical Mandate for House to House Evangelism

An Example of Biblically Counselling Someone Without A Sinner’s Prayer Methodology (video), Paul Washer  (note: linking this video is by no means an endorsement of Washer in general or of TULIP Calvinistic soteriology in particular.)

A Pastor’s Sketches:  or, Conversations with Anxious Inquirers, Respecting the Way of Salvation, Ichabod Smith Spencer, vol 1   vol 2 (Note: these volumes, while certainly not infallible, are helpful real-life sketches of the sort of careful evangelistic counsel that was much more widespread before the invention of the sinner’s prayer methodology.)

Southern Baptist Evangelism and Unregenerate Evangelicals

Christian Sanctification or Holiness: A Summary from Eternity Past to the Eternal State (a sermon preached at the 2020 Word of Truth Conference)

The Doctrine of Sanctification:  An Exegetical Examination, with Application, in Biblical, Historic Baptist Perspective, to which is Appended a Historical, Exegetical, and Elenctic Evaluation of Influential Errors, Particularly the Keswick Theology, part 1   part 2   part 3   part 4     (Download PDF of complete work)  Note:  This is a work in progress that is not yet completed.  It can be sited in other works as:  The Doctrine of Sanctification: An Exegetical Examination, with Application, in Historic Baptist Perspective, to which is Appended a Historical, Exegetical, and Elenctic Evaluation of Influential Errors, Particularly the Keswick Theology, Thomas D. Ross.  Ph. D. diss., Great Plains Baptist Divinity School, 2016.


The Nature of Vivification

The Prerequisites for Vivification:  Be Right with God

The Means of Vivification

“The just shall live by faith”— A Study of Faith’s Connection with Salvation in All Its Justifying, Sanctifying, and Glorifying Fullness

The Nature and Certainty of Sanctification: The Body of Sin is Progressively Destroyed, Romans 6:6

Exegetical and Historical Excursus #1: Does Colossians 2:6 Teach Sanctification by Faith Alone?

Exegetical and Historical Excursus #2:  Romans 7:14-25 Depicts Part of the Normal Christian Life

Exegetical and Historical Excursus #3:  Does Galatians 2:20, or any other Text in Scripture, Teach that Christ lives the Christian Life instead of the Believer?

Exegetical and Historical Excursus #4:  Hebrews 3-4:  Evidence that Some Christians Are Perpetually Rebellious and Disobedient?

Exegetical and Historical Excursus #5:  A Study of Ephesians 5:18:  “And be not drunk with wine, wherein is excess;  but be filled with the Spirit.”

Exegetical and Historical Excursus #6: Is Fallen Man’s Obligation to Obey God Limited to His Ability to Do So?

Exegetical and Historical Excursus #7:  Are All Believers Disciples?

Exegetical and Historical Excursus #8:  What Does it Mean to Abide in Christ?

Exegetical and Historical Excursus #9: Regeneration and Sanctification Are Connected with the Renewal of the Whole Person, Body, Soul, and Spirit—Not with the Spirit Alone

Exegetical and Historical Excursus #10:  Excerpt from “A Warning Exhortation Against Pietists, Quietists, and all Who in a Similar Manner have Deviated to a Natural and Spiritless Religion under the Guise of Spirituality,” by Wilhelmus à Brakel

Exegetical and Historical Excursus #11: Hannah Whitall Smith: Higher Life Writer, Speaker on Sanctification, Developer of the Keswick Theology, Quaker Quietist and Universalist Heretic

Exegetical and Historical Excursus #12: An Analysis and Critique of Keswick Theology as Set Forth Particularly In So Great Salvation: The History and Message of the Keswick Convention, by Steven Barabas

Exegetical and Historical Excursus #13: Do Keswick Critics Routinely Misrepresent Keswick Theology?

Keswick Theology, Continuationism or Anti-Cessationism, and the Rise of the Pentecostal, Charismatic, and Word of Faith Movements: Vignettes of Certain Important Advocates of Keswick or Higher Life Theology and their Beliefs Concerning Spiritual Gifts and Other Matters: William Boardman, Andrew Murray, Frederick B. Meyer, Evan Roberts and Jessie Penn-Lewis, A. B. Simpson, John A. MacMillan, and Watchman Nee; an Introduction (#14)

William Boardman

Andrew Murray

F. B. Meyer

Evan Roberts, the Welsh Revival of 1904-1905, and Jessie Penn-Lewis (3 parts: part 1, part 2, part 3)

A. B. Simpson

John A. MacMillan

Watchman Nee

 A Concluding Exhortation, Classic and Baptist Works on Sanctification, and the Bibliography
Psalm 51:11 and Eternal Security

Ezekiel 18 and Eternal Security

The Book of Life and Eternal Security

A Brief Statement on what the Bible Teaches on the Five Points of Calvinism (TULIP)

An Exposition Of Romans 9, Including A Demonstration That The Chapter Does Not Teach Calvinism

The Calvinism Debate, David Cloud

Holiness, J. C. Ryle

Of the Mortification of Sin in Believers, John Owen   Download PDF

The Nature, Power, Deceit, and Prevalency of the Remainders of Indwelling Sin in Believers, John Owen

A Treatise of the Dominion of Sin and Grace, John Owen

The Grace and Duty of Being Spiritually Minded, John Owen

Of Temptation, John Owen

Looking unto Jesus, Isaac Ambrose  Note:  While this is a fine devotional book overall, the reader should be wary of unscriptural aspects of covenant theology and Calvinism.

The Resolutions of Jonathan Edwards

Studies in Perfectionism, Vol. 1 & 2, Benjamin B. Warfield, vol. 7-8 of Works of Warfield

The Carnal Christian, Ernest C. Reisinger

The Faith, Assurance, and Perseverance of the Saints, Ernest C. Reisinger   Note: Reisinger is an advocate of TULIP Calvinism, and that false teaching should not be adopted.