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Terms of Use for Material On This Website

              The material on this website may be linked to or reproduced elsewhere, and tracts and pamphlets on it may be reproduced and distributed at no cost or for the cost of materials (paper and ink) only, with the following conditions:

              1.) The content of articles must not be changed in any way without obtaining express written consent by their author.  The only exception to this is if pastors and church workers wish to make minor changes to the 7-part correspondence Bible study that fit their ministry situations but do not in any way change the doctrinal stance of the material.

              2.) Material from articles on this website may be quoted by other publications, but material must be properly cited and documented, including a reference to the main page ( or the specific web page containing the study.

              3.) No rights other than those specifically mentioned above are delegated without express written permission.  The author retains the authority to revoke any of the delegated citation and republication rights at any time and for any reason.

              4.) When articles are not reproduced in print format, but electronically, the information below must be supplied, in a readable manner and font size consistent with the rest of the reproduction:

              Republished from  This work may be freely reproduced and distributed, but cannot be changed in any way (including the omission of this notice), without the express written permission of its author.

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