Thomas D. Ross

Bethel Baptist Church

4905 Appian Way

El Sobrante, CA 94122

(510) 223-9550


Born into a non-Christian home

Born again in October 1995 during freshman year at college shortly before sixteenth birthday (a detailed testimony of conversion is available at, and subsequently baptized into the Faith Baptist Church of Great Barrington, MA.  Expelled from home by non-Christian family because of Christian convictions while a student at U. C. Berkeley.

Called to preach and teach the Word of God in full-time ministry in 1998.

Married in 2007 to Heather (Roberts) Ross


Ph. D. Great Plains Baptist Divinity School (est. 2021—dissertation almost complete)

Th. M. Anchor Baptist Theological Seminary (2009)

M. Div. Great Plains Baptist Divinity School (2007)

M. A. Fairhaven Baptist College (2001)

B. A. University of California, Berkeley (1999)

A. A. Simon’s Rock College of Bard (1997)

While seeking for theological degrees from institutions run by Baptist churches, since the church is the pillar and ground of the truth (1 Timothy 3:15), in connection with my degree programs, courses were also taken and studies pursued at the doctoral and master’s level at the following institutions:  Westminster Seminary, Calvary Baptist Theological Seminary, Baptist Bible Seminary, Emmanuel Baptist Theological Seminary, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, and the Institute of Theological Studies.  Courses at an undergraduate level were also taken at Lehigh Valley Baptist Bible Institute, Bethel Baptist Bible Institute, Laerhaus Judaica, Valparasio University, and City College of San Francisco.


July 2006-present:

Member, Mukwonago Baptist Church, serving the Lord through preaching in church services and church ministries such as the Mukwonago Baptist Academy, teaching in settings including Bible Institute, Sunday School, Junior Church, Vacation Bible School, and Mukwonago Baptist Academy, evangelizing and making disciples through committed and regular house-to-house witnessing, tract distribution, evangelistic Bible studies, street preaching, youth ministry, hospitality in the home, personal contacts, and as many other ways of outreach as possible.  Helping to trainnew converts to observe “all things whatsoever” Christ has commanded and continuing that ministry with church members.  Engaging in writing ministry, completing the book Heaven Only for the Baptized?  The Gospel of Christ vs. Pardon through Baptism (El Sobrante, CA: Pillar & Ground, 2013; Kindle version, 2011) and a large number of pamphlets and tracts available at  Also serving in vocal and instrumental music ministry and participating in a variety of other church functions, from serving on the membership committee to church work days. Starting in 2012, also a professor at the Mukwonago Baptist Bible Institute, a ministry of Mukwonago Baptist Church, teaching Biblical languages and theological studies.

September 2007-2013:[1]

Professor, Baptist College of Ministry and Theological Seminary, a ministry of Falls Baptist Church, Menomonee Falls, WI (2007-2015).  Adjunct professor teaching post-graduate, graduate, and undergraduate courses in Koiné Greek and classical Hebrew.

August, 2003-June, 2006:

Teacher, Bethel Christian Academy, El Sobrante, CA.  Taught, in different years, 9th-12th English, 12th Physics, 11thChemistry, 10th Biology, 7th-9th General Science, 7th-12th Bible, 9th-10th Math, 5th Math, 7th-12th Physical Education.  Also substituted for 3rd-8th grades as needed & provided preparation for standardized testing (S. A. T. & A. C. T.).

December 2001-July 2006:

Member,  Bethel Baptist Church.  Received training for the ministry through close personal work with Pastor Kent Brandenburg and Assistant Pastor David Sutton.  Engaged in preaching, teaching, discipleship, speaking engagements at various locations including public debates with members of the Church of Christ denomination, visitation, camp ministry, nursing home ministry, and music ministry.  Edited the books Thou Shalt Keep Them: A Biblical Theology of the Perfect Preservation of Scripture, Sound Music of Sounding Brass? and Fashion Statement: A Study of Biblical Apparel with Kent Brandenburg.  Licensed as a minister by Bethel Baptist Church.

September 2001-May 2003:

Member, Lehigh Valley Baptist Church, Emmaus, PA, while attending seminary.  Served in various ministry capacities, as also previously at Fairhaven Baptist Church in Chesterton, IN, and before that time at Heritage Baptist Church in Oakland, CA, Calvary Baptist Church in San Francisco, CA, and Faith Baptist Church in Great Barrington, MA.



*The Doctrine of Sanctification:  An Exegetical and Elenctic Examination, with Application, in Historic Baptist Perspective (Ph. D. diss., forthcoming; est. 1,000 pgs)

*Evangelical Modernism: A Comparison of Scriptural or Fundamentalist Analysis of the Synoptic Gospels with that of the Majority of Modern Evangelicalism

*The Longevity of the New Testament Autographs

*The Canonicity of the Received Bible Established From Baptist Confessions

*Are Accurate Copies and Translations of Scripture Inspired? A Study of 2 Timothy 3:16

*The Debate over the Inspiration of the Hebrew Vowel Points

*Evidences for the Inspiration of the Hebrew Vowel Points

*An Analysis of All the Variations Between the Textus Receptus and the Westcott-Hort Greek text in Matthew 1-10, Demonstrating the Theological and Literary Inferiority of the Critical Text to the Textus Receptus

*Thou Shalt Keep Them: A Biblical Theology of the Perfect Preservation of Scripture (ed. Thomas Ross; gen. ed. Kent Brandenburg)

*The Prologue to the Canonical Epistles by Jerome: Ancient Testimony to 1 John 5:7

*“They Pierced My Hands and My Feet”: the KJV reading of Psalm 22:16

*Is “God forbid” a Mistranslation in the KJV?

*The Worship of the Son of God in Scripture and the Earliest Christianity

*Objections to the Trinity Answered

*Did the Trinity come from Paganism?

*Spirit Baptism—The Historic Baptist View Expounded and Defended

*2 Corinthians 13:14, the “Communion of the Holy Ghost,” and the Related Question of the Legitimacy of Prayer Addressed Directly to the Person of the Holy Spirit

*A Study of the Biblical Doctrine of Abiding in Christ

*A Study of Ephesians 5:18: “And be not drunk with wine, wherein is excess; but be filled with the Spirit.”

*“As ye have received Christ . . . so walk ye in Him”—a proof text for sanctification by faith alone?

*An Exposition Of Romans 9, Including A Demonstration That The Chapter Does Not Teach Calvinism

*A Word Study Demonstrating the Meaning of the Word “Church,” Ekklesia, and consequently the Nature of the Church as a Local Assembly only, not a Universal, Invisible Entity

*The Great Commission in Scripture and History

*Thoughts On the Bride of Christ

*The Biblical Mandate for House to House Evangelism

*Images of the Church in 1 Clement

*What are “psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs”?

*A Critique of Rosenthal’s Pre-Wrath Rapture Theory

*Are there Seven Church Ages in Revelation 2-3?

*Were the Reformers Heretics? Their Theology of Baptism and Other Topics Analyzed

*Considerations on Revival in American History

*Psalm-Singing and the English Particular Baptists to 1700

*Cosmetics in Scripture and History

*Children of Obedient Parents Turning Out For God—Certainty or Mere Possibility?

*An Examination of Proverbs 22:6 and Related Texts

*The Bible and Divorce

*Isaiah 47 and the Biblical Length of Apparel

*Deuteronomy 22:5 and Gender Distinct Clothing

*Biblical Considerations on the Length of Clothing

*The Captain of the Hosts of the Lord: Joshua 5:13-6:2

*Syllabus for 2nd Year Greek

*Syntax, Exegetical, and Devotional Questions on Romans

Popular Level and Controversial:

*Heaven Only For the Baptized? The Gospel of Christ vs. Pardon Through Baptism

*Romans 10:9-14: Sinner’s Prayers for Salvation?

*Luke 23:43 and the Comma—Was the Thief in Paradise that Day?

*Do The Lost Really Suffer Torment Forever? A Study of the Greek words “for ever” and “everlasting/eternal.”

*Notes on Anti-Eternal Torment, Pro-Annihilationism “Proof Texts”

*A Declaration of My Own Position on the Inspiration and Preservation of Holy Scripture

*Is the Modern Critical Text of the New Testament Inerrant, like the Textus Receptus is Inerrant? With A Consideration of the Question of Which Edition of the Textus Receptus is Perfect

*Repentance Defended Against Antinomian Heresy: A Brief Defense of the Indubitable Biblical Fact and Historic Baptist Doctrine that Repentance is a Change of Mind that Always Results in a Change of Action

*Psalm 51:11 and Eternal Security

*Ezekiel 18 and Eternal Security

*The Book of Life and Eternal Security

*A Brief Statement on what the Bible Teaches on the Five Points of Calvinism (TULIP)

*A Brief Proof of the Invalidity of all non-Baptist Baptism

*Acts 20:7 and worship on the Lord’s Day

*1 Corinthians 16:2 and Church on the Lord’s Day

*Colossians 2:16-17 and the Sabbath

*Hebrews 4 and the Sabbath

*Why Sing the Psalms?

*Questions for Members of Reformed Denominations

*Notes on the Bible and Politics: An Exposition of 1 Samuel 8

*A Forgotten Abomination?

*A Chronology of the Books of the New Testament

*Light from the Old Testament on the Blood

*A Thematic Division of the Book of Proverbs


*Do You Know You Have Eternal Life?

*My Journey From Unbelief to the Truth: How I Became a Christian

*Evangelistic Bible Study #1: What Is The Bible?

*Evangelistic Bible Study #2: Who is God?

*Evangelistic Bible Study #3: What Does God Want From Me?

*Evangelistic Bible Study #4: How Can God Save Sinners?

*Evangelistic Bible Study #5: How Do I Receive The Gospel?

*Evangelistic Bible Study #6: The Christian: Security in Christ and Assurance of Salvation

*Evangelistic Bible Study #7: The Church of Jesus Christ

*The Book of Daniel: Proof that the Bible is the Word of God

*Prepare for Judgment

*The Passion of the Christ

*Bible Truths For Catholic Friends

*Bible Truths for Lutheran Friends

*The Truth of Salvation for Presbyterian and Reformed Friends

*A Letter to a Jewish Friend

*The Testimony of the Quran to the Bible

*Are You Worshipping Jehovah?

*Truth for Gay Friends

*Do You Want to Worship God? A Study for Evangelicals

*The Role of Government: Has God Spoken?

*God’s View of Abortion


Regularly reads the Greek New Testament and Hebrew Old Testament as part of his devotional study; has read through the Greek New Testament, the Hebrew Torah, and the Aramaic portions of Scripture;  can translate at sight large portions of the Greek NT and much of the Hebrew OT.

Entered college at fifteen, and in association with collegiate studies was a National Merit Scholar, Martin Naumann Scholar, and Intercollegiate Studies Institute member and award winner.  Also was a member of the Center for Talented Youth, associated with Johns Hopkins University, after scoring, in seventh grade, higher than the average high school senior on the S. A. T.  Also was a finalist in the Leslie Sander Essay Contest and has published poetry with the National Poetry Competition.  Material has also been published in the community editorials of the Wall Street Journal and the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

Passionate both for purity of Biblical doctrine and for holy living among the saints.  In preaching, teaching, and other avenues of ministry, recognizes the tremendous importance of not only filling the mind with truth, but filling the heart with burning and passionate love and zeal for the glory of God, love for the brethren, and love for the souls of the lost.  Intellectual knowledge without experiential fellowship with the Triune God through Jesus Christ is in vain.


[1] During this entire period secular employment was also engaged in with USA Security Associates and the Securitas Corporation.  Further information will happily be provided upon request.

[2] Many of these works are available at  Publications are listed in the general order in which they may be found on the website.  Weekly contributions are also made at the “What is Truth?” blog (