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Learn First Year Greek online

Reading Sheet for Courses

Parsing Sheet for Greek Courses

1st Year Greek main textbook, William Mounce’s Basics of Biblical Greek; the class used the 3rd edition, but later editions are fine.

Syllabus for 2nd Year Greek   Syllabus as a Word Document (note:  unless you download the Accordance Greek font Helena, the Hebrew font Yehudit, and the Online Bible for Mac Greek font, original language fonts will be garbled–download the Accordance trial version below to get the fonts).

1st Year Greek assigned textbooks:

Ephesians in Greek Assignment List (seminary)

Ephesians in Greek Student Syllabus

Syllabus as a Word Document

Syllabus: Assignment Schedule, Syntax, Exegetical, and Devotional Questions on Romans (seminary)  Syllabus in Word

Notes on Greek Sentence Diagramming, Randy Leedy

My Comments on Leedy

Accordance Trial Version (necessary to get fonts for my Word documents above)

Online Bible (has its own Greek and Hebrew fonts)

Download a Free Copy of the Liddell-Scott Greek lexicon

Download a Free Copy of A Grammar of the Greek New Testament in Light of Historical Research by A. T. Robertson

Online Ancient Greek Literature

Greek NT Commentaries relevant for Romans Class:

Commentary on Romans, William G. T. Shedd (warning: TULIP Calvinist and paedobaptist)

Greek Testament Commentary, Henry Alford, vol. 1 vol. 2 vol. 3 vol. 4 (warning:  Alford believes in plenary, but denies verbal inspiration, and he is an Anglican who believes in baptismal regeneration)

Expositor’s Greek Testament, ed. W. Robertson Nicoll, vol. 1  vol. 2 vol. 3 vol 4 (warning:  Theological modernism and liberalism, and much associated nonsense)

Commentary on Romans, Charles Hodge (warning:  TULIP Calvinist and paedobaptist)

The Scripture Doctrine of Sanctification;  an Explication and Paraphrase of the Sixth and Seventh chapters of Romans, and the Four First Verses of the Eighth Chapter, James Fraser (warning: Calvinistic paedobaptist)